Frequently Asked Questions

The exclusive and ever expanding Superyacht industry is an area for candidates of the highest calibre.

The superyacht industry requires exemplary service to guests, a fault-free operation and pristine conditions throughout. This demanding environment is not suitable for all but for those who adapt well, the opportunities are limitless.

Q1 - I have completed the online database/ sent my CV and expressed an interest in yachts, but I have had no response as yet. Why is this?

We are receiving applications and talking to candidates throughout the day as we receive an overwhelming and ever-increasing number of applications per month. All applications are viewed on arrival but as much as we would like to, we simply cannot reply to all enquires straight away. Sometimes your background and experience may not match current positions

Q2 - If my cv is suitable, when may I be given details of a job to consider?

This varies of course on a number of factors, such as, how closely your expertise matches a Client's unique requirements, the number of other candidates similarly qualified, your availability, etc. So you may hear in days, weeks or even months. However, we are always happy to speak on the phone, should you decide to keep in regular contact to inform us of your career and certification progress, wishes and availability.

Q3 - What happens to my cv?

It is retained on our online candidate database allowing you at the candidate to modify and update as required. This also then enables us to filter candidates against Clients criteria, such as type of vessel experience, certification etc. We will not send your CV to any Client without first seeking your approval and establishing your interest in the position available.

Q4 - Will I need previous yacht experience?

It certainly an advantage; but is not essential. Sometimes, usually in the bigger yachts (around 75 to 100+ metres), passenger experience is valued. If you have neither, it is not impossible as the need for professionally trained crew is always on demand.

Q5 - How much can I expect to be paid?

There is no standard rate. It depends on an Owner or Manager's willingness to pay. It would normally be paid in Euros or US Dollars per month over 12 months. It can range from a Deckhand on average 2,000 Euros per month to a Captain on around 12,000 Euros per month. Sometimes bonuses are paid for long service and a share of charter gratuities from guests.

Q6 - How long are the 'contracts' on yachts?

This varies considerably as it can depend on the schedule of the yacht. Smaller busier charter yachts can work continually through the seasons, so you may work for 9-10 months with 2/3 months leave taken in chunks usually when the vessel is doing a crossing. Larger yachts that are privately owned may have a worldwide itinerary but more and more offer rotation. Also there are privately owned yachts that have a berth in Europe and spend 8-10 months along side with only a couple of months sailing when owner requires. These can offer shore side accommodation, 9-5 work days and weekends off.

Q7 - Will I be sponsored and get time off for my next certificate?

More and more yachts are assisting with Study Leave for certification. But like any job, training depends on cost effectiveness, length of service and your commitment to the yacht.

Q8 - Are there prospects for promotion?

Yes. If you are seen to be good and have the right attitude, certification, experience and flexibility if the opportunity arises, you can be considered.

Q9 - What will my living quarters be like?

Very often they will be smaller than you have been used to in the commercial industry, and even relatively senior officers in large yachts will need to share. This is accepted practice in the industy, and single cabins can be considered the exception rather than the norm. If alternate space becomes available, or watchkeeping hours conflict, you may occasionally have the opportunity for short-term improvement. This does vary yacht to yacht.

Q10 - Will my partner be able to join me?

All yachts and their Owner/Manager requirements are different. Occasionally working partnerships are sought. If you insist on having your partner join you, this must be in a working capacity, in different departments and you are seriously limiting your job opportunities. By far the best way, is to establish a long term relationship with one particular yacht over a number of years and in proving your commitment, credibility and responsibility, have your partner welcomed into the team, by the Owner/Manager. Many yachts are based in the same vicinity - for example the South of France, and opportunities often arise in such cases for partners to visit the area whereby time, can to be spent together ashore and to a limited degree onboard

Q11 - Will I be able to go ashore and get away from the yacht during my long contracts onboard?

The lifestyle is very different on yachts. Apart from sailing and maintenance above and below deck, which is time consuming, there will be quieter times when, subject to circumstances, you will be able to spend periods ashore more readily than in the commercial world. This may represent leisure time or mean involvement in yacht related business. It is also quite likely that you may be involved in the testing of various accessories - small boats, jet skis, scuba diving equipment, etc., etc., - commonly known as 'toys'.

Q12 - Where will the vessel sail?

Yet again, it differs so much between yachts. Exploration vessels will go to remote, relatively inaccessible places and often have ice class hulls to enable penetration of these waters. Equally those same vessels may go to idyllic areas of natural beauty. Some yachts may be based and stay for some months in say, Southern France or the Caribbean. This does not mean boredom necessarily, because very often there is a tremendous amount of activity in and around the vessel.

Q13 - Will I be provided with uniform?

Yes. Whilst the yacht must look immaculate, so must you.

Q14 - Are there only long term positions, or are some temporary?

Occasionally, an officer - usually a senior officer - needs to take a couple of months leave and it is possible that external officers with the right credentials can be considered to fill in. This is a very good way to initially experience the industry.

Q15 - I have other questions, not covered here. Can you help me with them?

By all means, please telephone us. We will certainly try to assist you.

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