Deck Department

Those applying for Navigation Department positions will be aware of the approved certification requirements and generic job descriptions.

The deck department is in charge of the safe navigation and well being of the vessel, its crew and passengers at all times. As well as working on the bridge, deck officers are required to supervise maintenance of the external decks and hull of the vessel, as well as provide safety training for all members of the crew.

• Captain
• Staff Captain
• Chief Officer
• 2nd Officer
• 3rd Officer
• 4th Officer
• Safety Officer
• Bosun
• Able bodied Seaman

Engine Department

Those applying to the Engine Department positions will be aware of the approved certification requirements and generic job descriptions.

The engine department holds overall responsibility for the daily operations and maintenance of the engineering, electrical and mechanical divisions of the vessel.

• Engineering Department
• Chief Engineer
• 2nd Engineer
• 3rd Engineer
• 4th Engineer
• Day Service Engineer
• Hotel Engineer
• Motorman/Fitter

Technical/Specialist Department

Those applying to other technical / specialist positions would require specific trade experience and qualifications relevant to the vacancy.

These positions can include such roles as Security Officer, Refrigeration Engineer, Electrician, together with a wide variety of roles. This is by no means a complete list.

• Electrical Officer
• Electronic Officer
• Electro Technical Officer
• Communications Officer
• Environmental Officer
• IT Officer
• Lift Technician
• Security Officer
• Refrigeration Engineer
• Helicopter Pilot
• Facility Manager

Hospitality & Guests services Department

Hospitality is normally the largest department onboard a vessel and, closely mirroring a 5 star plus hospitality establishment ashore, will have a variety of positions and departmental disciplines.

This involves everything from working within the restaurants, the galley, housekeeping and bars, to providing passenger entertainment including shore excursions, health, beauty and fitness, and much more.


• Hotel Manager


• Food & Beverage Manager
• Restaurant Manager
• Bar Manager
• Maitre D'
• Waiter
• Sommelier
• Barman


• Executive Housekeeper
• Assistant Housekeeper
• Steward/ess


• Executive Chef
• Sous Chef
• Chef de Paretie
• Commis Chef
• Baker

Front Desk

• Purser
• Guest Relations
• Receptionist
• Controller

Guest Services

• Cruise Director
• Shore Excursions
• Youth Coordinator
• Shop Assistant
• Hairdresser
• Beauty Therapist
• Fitness Instructor

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